XAML Inspector

A cross platform visual debugger for XAML apps.

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Visual inspection at runtime

If databinding, styles or templates are not applied as you expect - debugging can get quite tricky. XAML inspector solves that problem:

  • Inspect the visual tree
  • Watch and modify properties of elements
  • See what's in the datacontext
  • Understand the usage of resources
  • Track events

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Supports all XAML platforms

XAML inspector supports all current XAML platforms:

  • WPF
  • Silverlight
  • WinRT
  • Windows Phone
All you need to do is include a simple agent in your debug build. The agent then connects to the XAML inspector.

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Coded UI Testing

XAML Inspector also provides an API, to attach and inspect running XAML apps from code. So you can simply build automated UI-Tests. A built-in test recorder allows you to record and play scenarios.

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